14 Amazing WordPress Plugins You Need For Your Blog [Our Recommendation]

WordPress Plugins, but why?

An engaging experience is what it takes to convert a visitor into a customer. Here are some  strategies that businesses using WordPress, can use to turn WordPress visitors into customers

With a shorter attention span than goldfish, you have to strategies in a way to keep your visitors engaged in each step they take and each minute they spend on your blog.This article focuses on those 76.5 million sites that are hosted on WordPress. Though there are several reasons for hosting your blog on WordPress, but if you haven’t found one then read here to get started. The next step could be choosing an SEO friendly theme. You could use one for best dark WordPress themes. For any Content Marketer, it is a known fact that your blog shouldn’t merely contribute to generating revenue while informing and entertaining your user–it also needs to be engaging enough to be able to convert the readers. For this, you need to make your blog more interactive and engaging. When we talk about making a blog a more engaging and interactive platform for your readers, we mean that you need to put immense effort on more that simply writing engaging content. In that respect are several strings attached to get a blog successful in each way. No matter how much effort you are putting in data highlighting and SEO, they cannot alone increase your conversion rate. The moment someone lands on your blog the entire journey for him should be as easy as a Google search. And this everything, including- Signup, subscribe, searching more content. 

Fortunately, WordPress makes this a cinch by supporting dozens of useful plugins that nudge customers toward finally making a purchase. With these plugins, you can optimize your blog and amplify your value adding content to-

  • Get clicks
  • Gather leads
  • Talk to your visitors
  • Get more shares
  • Increase visits

………….and a whole lot more.

Now, the prime question is how to find the best plugins that will inspire your visitors to take action and stay engaged?

There are almost 20,000+ freebies and paid plugins available making WordPress a dominant CMS (Content Management System) in play today. There are so many posts and e-books that recommend these plugins. But then it becomes rather confusing to decide which one promises better engagement. We went through the same dilemma when we were optimizing our blog and website. So yes, We understand you might be going through right now.

Based on our experience and research, we have created a short and super useful list of 14 plugins that’ll help you.

  1. WordPress Calls to Action

wordpress plugins for signup

Source: http://coschedule.com/blog/how-to-write-a-call-to-action-template/

A call to action–Often called as CTA is a must for any blog and website as it invites visitors to take certain actions like buy now, Subscribe, download the free ebook. People are often seen to be experimenting CTA color and it’s still debatable.(Read here)

This WordPress Calls to Action Plugin will make your easier by allowing to add CTA in a simple and thorough manner to your blog. This awesome plugin also allows you to customize your CTAs in terms of different size, color, content, nd locations. Start from scratch or use their inbuilt template, you won’t need coding- just some good understanding of WordPress.

Bonus Point – It also monitors the conversion rates.So, you can setup A/B testing and optimize the ones which are not working so well.

Go ahead and  make those  big, brightly colored button that captures the reader’s attention. Learn how to write the perfect call-to-actions.


  1. WordPress Landing Pages

wordpress plugins for landing page

Source: http://blog.salesmanago.com/salesmanago-2/how-to-create-perfect-landing-page/

Landing pages are distinct pages for your blog that are often called as conversion pages. For websites, they are dedicated to a single product conversion. Though landing pages are usually a part of informational and product websites, but nowadays are being seen on blogs as well. Well, who doesn’t want conversion? Maybe you could promote 1 of your most popular blog post with a landing page, just ask the readers to download your latest e-book or just invite them to register for a webinar. Landing pages can serve as a great add-on for those new visitors.

The WordPress Landing Pages plugin lets you build a custom landing page full of amazing features without any coding skills. Perhaps the coolest part is that you can do multiple split A/B tests for every section on the page, which gives you tons of opportunities to see which landing page style is resonating with customers. Just be sure to build all your landing pages on your main domain, not a subdomain, so they will leverage the search engine trust you’ve already built. Including relevant search terms will give your pages a boost, too.


  1. WordPress Popup

Some people find pop-ups annoying, but there’s no denying they work. In fact, pop-ups often have conversion rates 2% higher than other kinds of ads, which means that however many users complain about them, you’ll always get more users signing up.

WordPress Popup is a free plugin that is compatible with newsletter subscription plugins like MailChimp, social networks, and regular call to action links. You can customize how your pop-ups look and where they appear on the page. Most importantly, this plugin lets you customize who sees it. You could show pop-ups only on one page of your blog, or only to people who have arrived on the site from a particular outside link, or only to people who have never commented, for example. This keeps you from barraging your loyal readers with pop-ups while encouraging first-timers to sign up.


  1. WP Live Chat Support

Great customer support can be summed up in one goal: make it easy for customers to get their problem solved quickly and painlessly. Live chat is by far the fastest, simplest and least obtrusive. So it is no surprise that nearly a third of consumers now expect live chat to be available for contacting a business which is why Customers prefer live chat  Live chat is quick, familiar and private and thus customers report their highest satisfaction rates on live chat (73 percent) as compared to traditional platforms like email (61 percent) and phone (44 percent). Read this article to understand how live chat will help you tap into your customer’s pain points.

With the Live Chat Support plugin by WP you can chat with all your blog visitors without even needing a third party connection. It is a free plugin that helps you to increase your conversion rate by directly communicating with your blog visitors. With features like easy to use interfaces and the capability to edit all fields on your chat, you can ensure that your blog visitors leaves with a sense of satisfaction.  


  1. The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

monarch wordpress plugins


The core objective of adding a social media sharing button on your blog is to encourage your users for  social shares or monitoring social shares in WordPress. It helps you to increase the virality of your content. As social media is now an undeniable and of course unignorable part of our routine, you have to ensure that your content is out there on social media. It is not something that you can miss out. While there are thousands of social media plugins for WP, we had managed to find the one that works just perfectly for me.

This plugin boasts some impressive feature like allowing you to display the number on social shares on each of your blog posts. You can try several placement options to keep your visitors engaged while encouraging them for social sharing. It includes features like-

  • Support for popular social networks.
  • Multiple display options.
  • Choose when share counts are displayed.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Popover and fly in share boxes to encourage sharing.
  • Display social media icons in widgets or with shortcode.
  • Track social shares likes and follows with built-in statistics.


  1. Scrybs Multilingual Plugin

wordpress plugins for multi language support

Source: http://javebratt.com/build-multi-language-app-ionic-framework/

We  know that English is the most dominant language when it comes to web. Still native English speakers are a mere 26% of  the total online audience and the same applies to your blog.

Catering for more than one language is an option that frequently pays off in multiple ways. Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to content, optimization, responsiveness, SEO, and marketing, you might still be missing out on a lot of potential site visitors due to the simple fact that not everyone in the world speaks the same language.

For this you can leverage upon this wonderful plugin which is compatible with all your favorite themes. It’s hassle-free setup and SEO friendly nature gives you a much more control over your content synchronization. It supports languages like- English, French. Italian and many more. Now you won’t miss out on your international organic search which will help you to improve your global search.


  1. Testimonial Rotator

Rotaional slider wordpress plugins

You have a great website with relevant content and features. You must be feeling awesome about the fact that your customers are happy. But then do you stop there? Your next move for business expansion would depend on your ability to increase website traffic and build trust. A great way to achieve this would be to highlight what your customers care about. In this regard, we found that testimonial generators can do wonders for you.

This plugin allows you to easily create and manage testimonials on your websites WordPress blog. This plugin creates a testimonial and a testimonial rotator. With your WordPress admin credentials, you can create these testimonials and assign which ones you want to show in the testimonial rotator. You can also define the page you want the testimonial rotators to be showcased on by including the testimonial shortcode there.

The Features you get

  • Change all rotator settings in the admin
  • Add testimonials to multiple rotators
  • Prev/Next Buttons
  • Vertical Align Testimonials based on Height
  • Author information field
  • Testimonial single template
  • Settings section
  • New hooks and filters


  1. Click to tweet by Todaymade

Click to tweet wordpress plugins

This one is our personal favorite and thanks to Todaymade  for this amazing plugin. This definitely contributes a lot to the engagement quotient of your blog not only with the beautiful tweet box but also by encouraging instant twitter share in just one step.

Among the elements that make up a perfect blog post is one that often flies under the radar: Give your readers an easy way to share your best sound bites. This plugin accomplishes this in a really beautiful way. Once installed, you can add shareable quotes right inside your blog posts.


  1. Feedburner Email Subscription

subscription wordpress plugins


No matter what your blog is about, you wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity to keep your visitors engaged and updated with your content. For any blog, it is a must to allow visitors to subscribe with their email ids. So, everytime you post a new content on your blog or have any event coming can send them a quick mail to keep them updated. Recently there is a new plugin that is gaining popularity for increasing subscribers, which we have mentioned as #14

Just by submitting their email ids, your visitors can keep it up with your content feeds from your blog. This easy to use and customize plugin fetches your site content and delivers it to your subscribers. Now you don’t have to worry about manually updating all the subscribers as this WordPress Plugin automatically sends your blog content to your subscribers via emails.

Key Features & Options

  • No additional admin panel
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 supports
  • Template function
  • Support shortcode


  1. WordPress Related Posts

Related tweetwordpress plugins

Ok, so you have driven your visitors to a particular blog post of your and they have even read it, but what happens now? What do they do next? At this very moment, there is are huge chances of them leaving your blog and in order to not let that happen you have to make sure that you direct them to the next step by recommending some more posts that might be interested them. This will not just increase the engagement quotient, but also increase the page views along with decreasing the overall bounce rate of your blog.

Once you have installed this plugin on your WordPress hosted blog, it will automatically add few related posts at the end of every post of yours. In addition to this, you can also monitor the number of related posts that you want to highlight at the end of each post and also manually choose the related posts for each blog post.

Not to forget that automatically added Related Posts can increase your internal traffic up to 10%.


  1. Search Everything

Exhaustive search wordpress plugins


Adding search boxes won’t just increase your blog usability, but they are also very convenient for your blog visitors and sepecially those who are regulars. There are tons of visitors who are not patient enough to browse through the links and recommended post at the bottom of each post to finally reach out to the kind of content they would like to read. The Absence of search box  could be one reason for the high bounce rate of your blog. For such visitors, it is very important for you to add a search box that appears throughout your blog.

This WordPress Plugin allows your visitors to perform custom search on your blog though all the posts, categories, comments, and tags. You can also specify your own search highlight style with this plugin. All you need for this to simply install and activate this plugin. And don’t worry, it does not search through your password-protected content. In Addition, to all these features it also has an added bonus as a writing helper called Research Everything that lets  you search for your posts and link them while writing. Great, Isn’t it?


  1. Feedback Form

wordpress plugins to take readers feedbackSource: http://site.uphesc.org/en/feedback

How Do you know you are keeping your visitors satisfied? Well, you can track the conversion rate, bounce rate and other metrics for sure but, when it comes to having a detailed feedback from the visitors, you might be missing out. Taking their feedback will not just help you convert visitors into customers, but also helps you improve the quality of your content by understanding what they really want to read about.

Here is a WordPress plugin that will help you accomplish this goal. This plugin helps you capture your visitors feedback through feedback forms, surveys and hosts quizzes on your blog. With this plugin you can create unlimited forms and custom themes and collect user submission. These submissions are stored in the database which can be analysed, edited, even printed by you.


  1. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Research have shown us that people are more interested in content that contains visuals than that which has none. Regardless of the niche of your business, sprucing up the website with high-quality images is essential in order to both make the website content more appealing and personalize your company brand. Consider uploading photographs that depict you and your entire team in a working environment, as they add life to a website and let people meet the faces behind a product or a service.

With  this slider plugin you can present your customers with an infinite amount of image slides in a single slider and tell the entire story. It allows you to customize image height and width to suit your preferences or the WordPress theme you’ve chosen. It is compatible with all browsers and is optimized for mobile phones.


  1. iZooto Web Push Notification

iZooto's WordPress plugin to send engaging web push notifications

Along with email subscriptions blogger and content marketers always look for another tool that can make the subscription process for the visitors slightly more feasible-  maybe just with one click. The manual two-step process that your visitors has to take in order to subscribe to your blog might be just pushing them away. For this, we recommend a WordPress plugin that was released recently.

As web push notifications gain popularity as a great communication tool, iZooto has extended to support to all WordPress sites as well. This plugin allows you to retain and engage all your web visitors irrespective of the devices they are using. Your users do not have to manually submit their email as this plugin captures their browser key and make this easier for them to subscribe. All you have to do install and register to prompt  the visitors for subscription. Once they provide a consent, they are added to your subscriber base. Now, send them those quick updates of your blog, without having them read those LONG emails.

Hope we able to keep you keep you engaged through the post. 🙂  

Read more about this plugin here.

14 Amazing WordPress Plugins You Need For Your Blog
14 Amazing WordPress Plugins You Need For Your Blog
Read here to know 14 amazing WordPress Plugins that you can use to optimize your blog to make it more engaging and interactive.
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