Introducing iZooto Japan

iZooto is now available in Japanese

You will never be disappointed if you always keep an eye on uncharted territory, where you’ll be challenged and growing and having fun – Kristie Alley

Going into uncharted waters is fun. Going into uncharted waters with a guiding light to drive you is even more fun. With Assion, we have discovered a similar guiding light. We just rolled out iZooto in Japan along with a localised dashboard and are kicked about it. Users from Japan can now experience iZooto with all its features. Go ahead and share this news with your friends in Japan and get them started with web push notifications. They can also subscribe to the iZooto Japan Blog for product releated updates. 

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Shrikant Kale

Shrikant R Kale, our very own SRK, is the Product Head at iZooto. An IIM-C product, he is looked up to for his dedication and calm demeanor. This passionate bike-lover can be easily spotted in our office 24*7 (almost!). Follow him on twitter: @shrikantkale

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