Now Know Your Subscribers Better With iZooto’s Latest Features

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” — Peter Drucker

Know Your Web Subscribers Better

At iZooto, we understand how important it is for you to understand your target audience not just while structuring your communication strategy, but throughout the entire communication journey. Your audience insights not only enables you to design the most relevant web push campaign but also serves as a building block during the analysis and  optimization stage.

What we aim for is a better user experience and we keep working hard to achieve that goal. Read here, If you missed the last updates on our iZooto’s web push tool.

And today we have got a lot more for you :). iZooto has gone through some brilliant changes to ensure an enhanced experience for all those who are already a part of iZooto team and much more who’ll be joining soon.

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So what’s new and exciting?

Active Subscribers

During our last update, we had started highlighted the number of active subscribers on the dashboard which was able to give you an idea about the impact on your notifications campaign on your subscriber base. Now making it furthermore exhaustive and adding deeper insights about your active subscribers we have added a source bifurcation as well. Simply put, you’ll know which device is being used by your subscribers to subscribe to your site.

number of subscribers on iZooto panel

Understanding your user’s preferred device always acts as an additional positive point and will help you in channeling your efforts in the right direction to increase and maintain a loyal subscriber base.

You  can find out traffic to conversion on desktop or mobile, and see if something’s not working out on one of these devices.

For instance, a lesser number of mobile subscriber might imply that your campaign strategy needs a little work in that direction as this is the time when Users are with their devices virtually all day long: 87% have their smartphone by their side, day and night. So this opportunity shouldn’t be missed at all.

Subscriber Overview

Taking these user insights to the next level, the subscriber Overview on the dashboard will now highlight the number of daily subscribers and unsubscribers of your site.

Month wise number of subscribers and unsubscribes


You can even apply date filters and check these numbers for this week, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month and till date.

Number of subscribers

And this is not it. In the below section, you can see a bifurcation of the browsers that are contributing to your subscriber base. In most of the cases, Chrome browser has been seen to be used by most of the subscribers, but this may vary depending upon your business and notification.

Filter views for number of subscribers with iZooto


Download and Analyse

Want to download your detailed subscriber’s report? Go ahead and click on the ‘Download’ button adjacent to the filters and voila! You have a detailed report to refer to while analyzing users behavior and optimizing your push campaign.

Download the complete subscribers reportThe most common reasons behind unsubscribes could be sending untimely or mass notifications. For these, you can leverage iZooto’s local time push feature and the ultimate audience builder.

Now you know who all are unsubscribing from your website, so go ahead and design a push campaign that can ensure the least number of unsubscribes.

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