PWA And Their Importance For Businesses [Infographic]

PWA could be described as a mix of a mobile app and a web page, pulling the best elements of both and  creating a cool new user experience. It uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app experience to its users. They have to meet certain requirements that make them like an app, but they also can be found through URLs and search engines, whereas an app cannot. Progressive Web Apps are being aggressively adopted by Ecommerce industries

The term progressive means they should work for every user on any browser they are using while also being responsive enough to fit any form factor, from a desktop computer to tablet, mobile phone and then whatever the future holds. It needs to be built using an app shell model, therefore providing its users with interactions and navigation much like an app. They should also be installable, meaning they allow users to keep some of their favorite PWA right on their home screen without the need to use a third party, such as the app store, yet also make it easy to share via URL.

On an average, people use websites 4 times more than they use apps, which means that for every 25 apps they are using, they are going on 100 or more websites. The reason for this could be that there are so many steps to go through, to get an app on your phone in the first place, whereas a website can be accessed in just a few clicks. To get an app, firstly you have to open and load up an app store, find the app that you want to use in the store, install it, accept the permissions on your phone and the wait for it to download before you can use it. Because this is such a time consuming process, 20% of users are lost at every step. It is these steps that draws users away.

That is one of the great things about a PWA. They have the same features of an app and the same usability, yet all the steps that come with downloading apps are removed.

In today’s society, majority of people are using their mobile phones to get on the web as much if not more than their mobile devices, and the truth is, modern websites are just not mobile enough. Sometimes a normal website when used on a mobile device will change shape, not fit the screen, have elements that don’t work and many other problems. That is why 87% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. PWA solve these problems of websites not adapting to mobiles and apps taking too long to load.There are numerous reasons to develop a PWA for your website. 

It seems like PWA are the future, helping mobile developers reach even more users, as there is no restrictions, as on the app store. 

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PWA And Their Importance For Businesses [Infographic]
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PWA And Their Importance For Businesses [Infographic]
PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app experience. Progressive web apps are the future, helping mobile developers reach even more users
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