Why Shopify Users Should Definitely Implement Web Push Notifications

The whole motive of e-commerce websites is to to sell and make profit. What if I tell you that you can sell better? Over 69% of shopping carts on the web go abandoned! Not everyone checks your ‘super sale’ email and half of the retargeting emails end up in trash. Shopify with an overall ranking of 10/10 is undoubtedly the best e-commerce platform. You might have successfully completed the first step by becoming a user on Shopify, but that is just not enough. Let me tell you what should you be doing different to make your mark.

You might own an outstanding e-commerce website, which means you not only need to acquire new customers but also be successful in attracting customers back to your website for repeat transactions. Acquiring new customers is important, but sustaining the ones you already have is vital. The probability of selling something to an already existing user is 60%-70% compared to selling your product to a new user. We all know acquiring new customers is far more expensive than maintaining the existing ones, so to accelerate profitable growth, you need to nurture the users you already have by re-targeting and re-engaging. For users to prefer you over the others, you need to build loyalty and trust. To muster this, connection should be build from the first touch point. It’s no longer a business scenario anymore; it’s an era of relationship based selling. Personalisation plays a huge role in creating a sense of familiarity and relevance. If you want to drive traffic, to re-engage the users and to boost sales, you need to try something new; something that you have never tried before, to see impressive change. If you want to leverage the best, you need to implement the newbie to the marketing world – website push notifications.

Web push notifications are succinct and crisp notifications that project the cusp of your information; doing justice to the short attention span that we humans have. Web push helps to engage, re-engage your customers with ease, boost sales , build loyalty and much more.

iZooto, a user engagement and retention platform, sends intelligent web push notifications. Its one click solution makes it hustle free and convenient for users to subscribe to web push in a jiffy (yes! no forms to be filled). With iZooto’s amazing customization and local time notification features, you can target the right audience at the right time. iZooto’s Audience builder helps in customization and to target users efficiently. It segments users based on

  • Location
  • Subscription date
  • Device
  • Tags
  • Campaign performance

Web push is supported on desktop, mobile and tablet; making sure that you target all your users. You can analyse which platform is used by most and push out your notifications accordingly. Once you know the best time to send out web push notification according to your industry, you are all set. Which means you no longer have to be labeled as spammy. Not everyone is here to stay, so you can always keep tabs on how many have churned out and your subscriber count. For the ones who have just subscribed, you can push out a welcome notification, helping you to create a connect with them from day zero. Once a user subscribes to push notifications, due to their prominent display, one can’t miss it !

Build your perfect web push template and engage with users like never before. Let’s look at some use cases to see what web push is capable of.

Encourage Revisit by Re- Targeting


Always track your users purchase behavior and keep sending them relevant notification. Relevance shows that you know what they like. It helps to send helpful notification to the users. People often forget they have saved something in their cart, make sure you remind them in a few days. Abandoned cart reminders along with limited stock, boosts the chances of users making a transaction.  

Sale or Offer


Attract your repeat users and encourage them to visit your website to make a purchase. Sale and discounts lure the users to make a poke friendly purchase. These notifications drive in traffic that the sale deserves.

New Arrivals


The best way to let your users know about the new arrivals. Newness always attracts people. Make sure that you inform them at the right time. Web push plays an important part in being timely and prompt, bringing forth the right push needed for the users to make a purchase.

Back In Stock


Send out a notification as soon as the product your users were looking for is back in stock. This boosts engagement and indirectly builds loyalty. It shows that you care about them.

Flash Sales


Creating urgency makes people want to buy as soon as possible. An action oriented approach drives more traffic than normal messages. Especially when you make a time bound offer, it creates urgency as people do not want to miss out on the offer.

Price Alerts

ShopifyNotify your users when the price drops for their favorite product or brand. This would muster positive response and users will be encouraged to visit your website.

Sounds like something you should implement? Why not give it a spin! See how you can activate web push on your Shopify account or visit  https://www.izooto.com/.

Pravya Pravin is a Product Marketer at iZooto. An artist who paints not only with words, but also on canvas. She loves exploring places less traveled and wishes to go on a bike trip to the highest motorable road.
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