How To Perform Quick Subscriber Migration From Pushcrew to iZooto Web Push

Here is how you can migrate your subscribers Pushcrew to iZooto web push notifications platform.  

There are  more than dozen tools helping you to setup your browser notifications. Multiple players follow multiple processes – though it is critical that as you experiment and finalise your choice of platform, subscriber migration should remain a simple enough process. The idea is simple – you should avoid getting locked in with one platform. At every point of time, you should have the ability to migrate your subscribers – either to a different solution or to your in- house solution.

On the outset – you simply need to ensure that you use your own API keys and take consents on your website domain/sub-domain while you’re setting up notifications. Here are some best practices that we suggest should be followed as you setup web push notifications –

  1. Chrome – Chrome browser requires GCM project number and server API key to take consents from users and send them push notifications. All subscribers are linked to these keys, any notification platform would use these keys while sending notifications.
    1. Ownership of subscribers – As a marketeer, if you want complete ownership of your subscribers, please ensure you create GCM project number and server API key using your own Google account and the SDK you’ve got reflect these details. Here’s how to generate these keys for your account –
    2. Subscriber Migration – You can export the subscriber list from your existing platform, we’ll import the keys against your account in iZooto. You should use same GCM project number and server API key while signing-up for iZooto
      Subscriber Migration: Adding your Sender ID and Server Key

      Adding GCM Sender ID and Server API Key

    3.  Sending notifications to migrated subscribers – The existing migrated subscribers who are using Chrome version 48 or lesser ) have to visit your site once for them to receive notifications from iZooto, they’ll receive an message from browser informing users about the change in browser configuration.
      Service Worker Updation - Notification on Migrating Subscribers

      Subscriber Migration: Notification Received by Users on Server Worker Updation

    4. Starting chrome version 49, iZooto can send notifications to your migrated subscribers directly without users having to visit the website again.
    5. Sending notifications to newer subscribers – New subscribers for your website with iZooto will flow into system and will be associated with the GCM project number and server API key mentioned.
  2. Safari – Safari requires an APN (Apple Push Notification) certificate for your account, all subscribers on Safari are linked with this certificate. Please ensure you’ve developer account on apple and you generate an APN certificate, you can share this certificate with us for us to integrate it in our SDK. This will also ensure Subscriber Migration is smooth and hassle- free. We provide a default certificate to all our customers at sign-up.
  3. Firefox – For subscriber migration on firefox, you need to export the list as it is and we shall import them on iZooto and send notifications to these subscribers without any additional steps.

For any queries regarding Subscriber Migration, feel free to reach out to me on or


How To Perform Quick Subscriber Migration From Pushcrew to iZooto Web Push
The Step by Step approach for subscriber migration - across Chrome, Safari and Firefox from Pushcrew to iZooto web push notification platform.

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