User Profiling – Now Segment Your Users Better! [New Feature Release]

Team iZooto is always striving to make push notifications more effective as a channel for our customers.When we realized that users could be targeted better, we went one step ahead, and further drilled down the segmentation process. And thus, was born an amazing new feature. We bring to you this new feature, ‘User Profiling’, which allows you to segment your users better and send personalized notifications.

So what is this new feature, User Profiling all about? Let me start off with an example to give you a better idea.

Let’s say you need to target users in Mumbai to give them a discount on the items in their wish list. For this, you need to define a User-Property – ‘Wishlist’ on iZooto and populate it against all your users. You can convert the data into actionable information by creating required user segments – select users with Location=Mumbai AND Wishlist contains wrist-watch asking them to transact with 10% discount coupon.

As you can see from the above example, user profiling empowers you to onboard all your user-data to iZooto and convert it into actionable user-segments. Even if you don’t have  structured user-data stored or defined anywhere, there’s never a bad time to start doing it. iZooto user-properties support various data-types. The data -types that are supported are – String, Numeric, Boolean, Date, Multi-value Array.

Multi-value properties potentially help you go deeper in defining and storing data-points against users. For example, for a user property called ‘products purchased’, multiple values such as shirts, t-shirts, tops, bags, etc can be added. You can add up to 64 values for a user at any point of time, older values are dropped in FIFO (First-In-First-Out) fashion.

You can define and start passing values against users with our JS library functions – The properties will automatically start showing up in ‘Create Audience’ section on panel.

If you’re an existing customer and are using tags to define users, you’ll find a User-Property named ‘tags’ in your account already. Please note that iZooto still supports older – add_tag, remove_tag functions, however we’ll phase these functions out soon. You’re recommended to switch to newer functions.

The video will demonstrate how this new feature can be used.

You can also look at the use case for different industries to know how exactly this feature will help you.

It is time to segment your users better! For any queries, feel free to contact us.

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New Feature Release - User Profiling, Now Segment Your Users Better!
We bring to you this new feature, ‘User Profiling’, which allows you to segment your users better and send personalized notifications. See how it works!
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