6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your First Ecommerce Store

Brandon Graves

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  • Such a nice insight for the ecom startup but being a part of eCommerce marketing industry since last 10 years, I am not agree with most of the part discussed in first few points. Let me tell you why?

    #1 Less Financial Burden #2 Tech Savvy

    If I go with Magento, it will cost the same as wordpress and I will get better options. If the startup wants cost effective solution to start an eCommerce, I would recommend going with eCommerce platforms like Shopify as it will save your lot of money and it wont even require technical knowledge. Moreover, you can migrate to magento or other platform once you are ready to serve large audience base.

    Here I am not against wordpress but the thing is, one need to choose based on their requirement. Here many factors affect this decision which includes but not limited to number of products, customization, payment gateways, invoicing, reporting etc.

    Hope it helps 🙂